Vancouver Personal Training Studio Hits 12 years

Thursday, 16 August 2012


~ By Vancouver personal trainer and Momentum Fitness co-owner Barry Duncan. 

There are many life stories that I enjoy telling to friends and new acquaintances. The problem I have is that many of these fantastic tales have reached over a decade in age. This doesn’t make the story any less interesting or fun, but it does remind me of just how fast time goes by.

I was sharing a story with one of our personal trainers about Nikki and I exploring the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. When I finished, our wonderful but much younger personal trainer, asked how long ago that trip was. I calculated for a moment and realized that it’s been over 17 years now. The trainer replied, without even a second thought, “Wow I was only 8 at that time”. Great stories past the decade mark can hurt the ego to tell sometimes.

The one story that is now a few years past the decade mark that I will always be happy to share is how we started our personal training studio 12 years ago. It began with a hike on the West Coast Trail. It was myself, Nikki and four of her girlfriends trekking through the rugged obstacles that make up this fabulous hike. Up until then our travels and adventures had just been Nikki and I, but we had the idea that we might start up an adventure tourism company, all the rage in the 90s. We thought taking Nikki’s friends on the hike would be a test of our commitment to adventure guiding and boy was that a good idea. Long story short, we now own a personal training studio in Vancouver and not an adventure travel company. We learned that our travels are way more fun with just the two of us.

Nikki and I both come from the restaurant and bar industry, probably one of the unhealthiest environments a person can be in, especially back when smoking was still allowed indoors. Becoming Vancouver personal trainers and getting into a career that was healthy, active and came with a fantastic lifestyle was just what we wanted. I worked while Nikki did her education then we swapped off and she worked while I finished mine. We both got jobs at a local training studio gaining experience and developing a business plan to open our own facility. Three years later we did just that.

young woman hiking

a passion for hiking, travel, adventure, and an active lifestyle, evolves into a fantastic fitness venture

Photo Courtesy of The U.S. National Archives

On August 1, 2000, we opened the doors to Momentum Fitness and our Vancouver personal training studio was born. Lara Penno joined us in the business. Between the three of us had only a handful of clients but we had big plans and big dreams. Now, 12 years later, we have over 25 trainers and a school for personal trainers that works out of our personal training studio. It has been one of the most fantastic decisions that Nikki and I have ever made.

Being a personal trainer in Vancouver is an amazing career. We go for runs, bike rides and hikes all while meeting phenomenal people and earning a great living. I would like to thank everyone that has made our dream come true and we look forward to having 12 more years assisting others in their pursuit of health and fitness.

Many people feel that going on a vacation means that they can leave their healthy habits at home and forget about it for a while, assuming that it’s a given that they will return with a lower fitness level and a few extra pounds. Don’t let the souvenir from your holiday end up like this! It is possible to uphold a healthy eating and exercise plan even when you’re away from home. It takes the solid decision to keep everything on track and some concerted effort in planning. Think of maintaining your healthy lifestyle while on holiday as a challenge by becoming accountable and responsible for your way of life no matter where you are.


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