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Vancouver Personal Training | Sleeping Under the Stars
Wednesday, 11 July 2012


~ By Vancouver personal trainer Cassandra Kruger. To learn more about Cassandra check out her bio.

As city-loving folks living in Vancouver, we can all enrich our existence with lush forests, crackling fires, alpine lakes and soothing waterfalls. Being close to nature has an amazing effect on us all and there’s no better way to feel that sense of escape than sleeping under the stars in a cozy tent. Explore the wonders of what British Columbia’s Provincial Parks have to offer and plan a camping getaway this summer. Camping is an ideal vacation for families on a budget, visitor’s who really want to discover just how beautiful our province is, or for anyone who truly wants to break away from the traffic, noise and bustling scene of the city.

Being a Vancouver personal trainer, I often venture out in the wilderness for daytrips of hiking, biking and swimming, but also fondly remember my numerous camping excursions. There was always something satisfying about packing up the car with all the necessary gear and heading out of the city. Having a sense of coexisting with nature, breathing in the fresh air as we hiked the trails and swimming in the frigid lakes by day, and gazing at the black sky with a million stars with our roaring campfire by night, always gave me a feeling of solace. Giving up even a few of the comforts of home somehow created a different kind of comfort.

Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

From my experience, the closest and most popular Provincial Parks for car camping would definitely be:

  • Alice Lake has a stunning natural setting with 4 trails leading to the lake and one trail that loops around the lake itself. It is fully equipped with hot water, showers and flush toilets for the not so rugged and great for families because of the playground and warmer lake temperature.
  • Golden Ears also has luxurious amenities and many easy hiking trails. Alouette Lake is huge with a variety of swimming and picnicking areas scattered along its shores.
  • Sasquatch (Harrison) offers 4 different lakes: Deer, Trout, Hicks and Harrison and 3 campgrounds. It is a fully loaded park with endless activities such as hiking, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, swimming and wildlife spotting. A word of warning, however, the mosquitoes in this area are vicious!
  • Cultus/Chilliwack have several campgrounds and forested mountains surround both lakes. Cultus Lake can get a bit wild with the teenage crowd and is far from quiet, but the water temperature is quite mild. Chilliwack, on the other hand, is much calmer and serene, but the lake itself is heart-stopping cold!

Nothing beats the pristine wilderness of B.C in the summer months. Combine your active lifestyle with hiking, biking and swimming while on vacation in one of these or many other B.C Provincial Parks. There’s something that will appeal to everyone in the family and you can get away at a fraction of the cost of staying in a hotel. Start researching different campgrounds online at and book a holiday in beautiful British Columbia that your Vancouver personal trainer promises will be unforgettable!

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