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Vancouver Personal Trainer Tells You How to Fit Your Helmet
Thursday, 21 June 2012


~ By MFit customer service specialist Celine and Vancouver personal trainer and MFit co-owner Nikki Layton. To learn more about Nikki check out her bio.

I’m one of those people. I don’t wear a helmet, and it’s about time that changed! After a few close calls and hearing the constant concerns of all the personal trainers at Momentum Fitness where I work and all my friends, it’s time to trade in the “I’m invincible” attitude for a realist approach. Riding a bicycle, especially in a busy urban area, is dangerous. The statistics are staggering, and even now as I’m writing this, I wonder how I went so long without wearing one. The reasons I gave are the ones you would typically hear:

  • Wearing a helmet always made me awkward, and anything but stylish.
  • I have too much hair to fit properly so what is the point
  • I hardly ride on the road so is it really necessary
  • I use my bike daily, though I am not into the cycling culture as much as many other Vancouverites so do I really need a helmet??

Now that I realize that I really do need a helmet how do I get started? How do I take the plunge and find the helmet that suits my needs? I feel at a loss when it comes to knowledge of proper fit, style and safety. That’s where Nikki Layton comes in. As the owner of Momentum Fitness, she knows a thing or two about physical activity and safety, and is an avid cyclist herself. She shared her genuine concerns with me about the absolute necessity of a helmet, and gave me some helpful tips on what to look for in a helmet.

What not to do:
I know that we have all done this or seen this on the streets of Vancouver and probably other fine cities! It is especially popular with Dad’s taking their children out for a ride!

The other commonly seen error is perching the helmet on top of your head like a beret! It needs to be properly aligned, fitted and actually done up!

What to do when you wear your helmet:
There are a few key pieces that you should look at when you buy and wear your helmet:

  • Size
  • Adjustability
  • Coolness – no wait just by wearing a helmet you are proving how COOL you are!


  • The front of the helmet should sit just above your eyebrows
  • The helmet should be adjustable so that when you shake your head (like what happens when you fall off your bike) the helmet doesn’t move
  • The chin strap should be snug but not choke you so that if you are in an accident your helmet won’t fly off your head cracking the windshield of the car (they might sue you for damages to their vehicle )
  • The ear pieces should sit just below the ear lobe

Now that Celine has no more “reasons” to not wear a helmet if you every see her on the streets of Vancouver without hers give her a yell and please try not to hit her we really like having her as part of our team here at Momentum Fitness!



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