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Monday, 30 May 2011

Personal Training Vancouver –

The Vancouver Trifecta

Vancouver is the best place to live because for about a month we get the Vancouver Trifecta! As a personal trainer in Vancouver, I have the ability to train my clients for this unique time of year. Not sure what the Vancouver personal training trifecta is? It is the perfect accumulation of daylight and activities available so that you can put together your favourite three and get them all done. So I encourage every person out there to choose a trifecta or create your own, get out there and enjoy this rare event. 

A Vancouver personal trainer’s guide to training for the Vancouver Trifecta:

1. Morning ski on Blackcomb Mountain – Vancouver personal training tip: keep the squats and lunges in your fitness plan so your hips and legs stay strong

Afternoon round of golf at Nicklaus North – Vancouver personal training tip: work on those rotational exercises or add some yoga for flexibility

Evening run on the Whistler Valley Trail – Vancouver personal training tip: please stretch and adds at least one calf exercise in every workout.

Photo by mayanais

2. Get up and hit the Grouse Grind first thing in the AM – Vancouver personal training tip: step ups either on a BOSU or the gym step are great for glutes, quads and hamstrings.

After breakfast head out on your road bike I like downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay – Vancouver personal training tip: cyclists should have some postural work in their training sessions. Reverse flies and planks are a good start.

Once you are back from your epic ride head down to Jericho Sailing or to Coopers Sailing and go out for an evening sailing – Vancouver personal training tip: do one arm rows and some balance exercises to avoid man overboard calls.

3. Mountain biking on the North Shore in the morning is a great way to start your day – Vancouver personal training tip: start doing some Tabata exercise circuits to help with your endurance

Guess what? Kits pool is open!! Are you ready for that 137.5M length? I know I am – Vancouver personal training tip: you’ll need to strengthen your shoulders so pull out the bands and start with rotator cuff exercises.

Leave the pool and walk to Granville Island. Rent a kayak from Ecomarine and head over to Sunset beach to watch the sun dip into English Bay, it is a thing or beauty – Vancouver personal training tip: bent over rows and Russian twists on a BOSU add back and shoulder strength with rotational strength for paddling.

If you have your own trifecta please feel free to add it and if you are not sure of the exercises you should be doing? Then come into Momentum Fitness and let one of our trainers teach you them.  Remember the important thing is to just get outside and do something the trifecta weather will not be here for long.


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