Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
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MFit: Upcoming Events

Momentum Fitness and our personal trainers enjoy getting out and doing things in Vancouver with our clients to show them how their improved fitness can assist them in an active lifestyle.

So take your pick or come to them all, either way we guarantee a great time amongst friends.


Freedom #2

April is Gardening Month

We have teamed up with local businesses to get you great discounts and great information for you

Check out more about Garden Month here

Check out The Natural Gardener Gardening Store here they have great products and you can get a 10% discount on them with your Garden Handbook.
If you are interested in checking out Garden tours they have quite a few planned throughout the month go to page 7 of their newsletter

Coming soon is our Garden Booklet with how to stay fit and healthy
throughout the Garden season

Download Fitwise for Gardening Booklet


Supplements for Optimal Athletic Performance

Have you been thinking about supplementing with your workouts? Not all supplement regimes are the same.
There are several different reasons why someone would introduce supplements into their training practices, one of which is to optimize athletic performance.
If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, it might be time to take what you are feeding your body to the next level too.
Learn what the experts already know and get some indispensable tips and tricks that will work best for you when including supplements in your training.
Take your performance to the top and register today.



Solve Your Spring Allergies Holistically

Spring allergies come around every year like clockwork.
Many people make their annual trip to the pharmacy for their generic meds and go about their business.
But what if you could do better for your body?  What if you could boost your body’s own ability to fight those allergies?
What if you could heal your body with holistic medicine, the natural way?




Momentum Fitness Personal Trainer

Momentum Fitness Open House

On Thursday May 15th from 5:30 till 9 pm we are hosting and Wine and Cheese Open house. 

We will be highlighting our new service offerings, the new gym layout and there will be some quick and informative talks throughout the evening.
There will be a wine tasting hosted by Clos du Soleil, a local winery owned by one of our MFit Members.
We look forward to seeing you and all your friends and family that you want to invite for a great night at our facility.


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