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Momentum Fitness and our personal trainers enjoy getting out and doing things in Vancouver with our clients to show them how their improved fitness can assist them in an active lifestyle.

So take your pick or come to them all, either way we guarantee a great time amongst friends.


by Michael Bentley

Strong Person Challenge

Along with more sun and warmer days June also brings a challenge month to MFit. This year's challenge is a Strong Person Challenge. There are three activities that will test your strength. Let your trainer know that you are competing in the Challenge and they will work with you to increase your strength and practice the exercises in the Challenge.

Check out the leader board to see how people are doing through the month. At the end of the month complete the exercises for time and record your final numbers  

You can compete in all three or just one! The real challenge is making the improvements over the month. It will be a good month to book in one or two extra sessions to really focus in on these lifts.

Activity One: Sand Bag Farmer's Carry
Carry two sandbags for four laps of the back exercise room. Scored on time for weight category.

  • Woman’s Categories: 60lbs and 100lbs. 
  • Men’s Categories: 100lbs and 150lbs.

Activity Two: Seated Sled Pull
Seated on the ground pull the weighted sled the length of the back exercise room. Time and weight will be recorded.

  • Woman’s Categories: 75lbs and 100lbs. 
  • Men’s Categories: 125lbs and 200lbs.

Activity Three: Kettlebell Podium Lifts
Lift each kettle bell from the ground to the top of a podium. The podiums get higher as the weight gets heavier.

  • Woman’s Categories: Heaviest to lowest podium 
  • Men’s Categories: Heaviest to highest podium

Talk to your trainer about exercises that will get you ready for the challenge. Sign up with reception.