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Upcoming Events

Momentum Fitness and our personal trainers enjoy getting out and doing things in Vancouver with our clients to show them how their improved fitness can assist them in an active lifestyle.

So take your pick or come to them all, either way we guarantee a great time amongst friends.


Workout of the week

WOW Fit! Challenge | 20 in 20!

WOW Fit is our solution to your fitness time management problem. WOW stands for “Workout of the Week”. We have designed a series of weekly workouts that take as little as 5 min or up to a full hour; the time you are here is 100% up to you. Come in anytime between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. All workouts are fully supervised by one of our personal trainers so if you have questions or need assistance we are there for you!

February is Heart Month and we challenge the WOW Fit! Members to take their heart health and overall fitness to the next level!


Complete 20 days of WOW Fit! in the month of February your heart and your body will thank you.


  • Sign up the first week of February
  • Attend WOW Fit! Every day, Mon-Fri, for the entire month of February
  • Get fit and win a prize from our local sponsors!

All participants that complete the challenge will be entered to win a free month of WOW Fit!

The first step is easy, sign up with Jenny or Sheila, at the front desk, and you are on your way to a health heart and great prizes!


February is heart month

Heart Month Cardio Challenge | Minutes to Meters

This year for Heart Month we have a new Minutes to Meters fitness challenge, with the goal to virtually summit as many local mountain peaks during the month of February. 

The Charity

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has a vision of  Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen. 
Since the Heart and Stroke Foundation was established in 1952, they have invested more than $1.39 billion in vital heart and stroke research

The Goal

The goal is to help raise your fitness while raising awareness for an important cause The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Read More Here


Snow Shoe on Cypress

Save the date and pray for snow! Saturday Feb 28th 


March is Nutrition Month

Join our personal trainers as we set a nutrition resolution, 1 thing that we are going to add, or take away,  to make a healthier nutrition choices this month and hopefully create a new habit that will last a lifetime.