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Momentum Fitness and our personal trainers enjoy getting out and doing things in Vancouver with our clients to show them how their improved fitness can assist them in an active lifestyle.

So take your pick or come to them all, either way we guarantee a great time amongst friends.


March is Nutrition Month join our Nutrition Challenge: Choose one or all 

Real Food Challenge:
For all 31 days of March focus on eating nothing but real food. Avoid all processed or manufactured foods. You will need to be really careful when eating out.

Fruit and Veggie Challenge:
For all 31 days eat 5 complete servings of fruit and veggies. Sounds easy right? Well it can be larger challenge than you think but it is very satisfying when you accomplish it.

3 Healthy Meals a Day Challenge:
Most people skip a couple of meals each week some even miss one a day, mainly breakfast. This challenge is for you to eat at least three healthy meals a day for the month of March.

Register your challenge at reception!

Every year in March, dietitians across the country remind us of the importance of healthy eating and the positive impact nutrition has on our health and well-being.

Nutrition Month 2015 is dedicated to helping Canadians to eat well at work. The slogan for the campaign is Eating 9 to 5!

Read more about Nutrition month from the Dietitians of Canada


Cooking Class

Cooking class | Making Healthy Cooking Delicious 

Join us for nutrition month, we are cooking a healthy 3 course meal with Chef Calvin, from Williams-Sonoma, and then putting our work to the taste test!


  • Monday March 23
  • 7:00 -9:00 PM
  • $50.00 a person
  • At Williams-Sonoma 2903 Granville Street

Win a cookbook- You will be entered into a draw to win the cookbook we use to prepare the meal!

Get a discount - 10% off any purchases made that night at the store.

Sign up at the front desk to reserve your spot today! Call 604-732-4884 or talk to any of us at the studio. 


Learn more about WILLIAMS-SONOMA