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Momentum Fitness: Personal Trainer Bio’s

Below are the finest personal fitness trainers in Vancouver. We can say this with total confidence because each of our personal trainers brings their experience and knowledge to assist in the development of programs for every client that walks through our doors.

We invite you to come in meet us and tour our Vancouver facility.
Please call to book your complementary consultation. 604-732-4884!

Alan Kemp

Brenda Stratton

Personal Trainer Marlowe Antonucci

Marlowe Antonucci

Cassandra Kruger

Cassandra Kruger

Seb Zackowski Vancouver Personal Trainer

Seb Zackowski

Dylan Frederickson

Dylan Frederickson

Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan

Vancouver Personal Trainer Jenny Soderman

Jenny Soderman

Keven Fitzpatrick

Keven Fitzpatrick

Kyle Getz

Lisa Gervais

Maia Gallant


Sherry McReynolds


Tony Fu