Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
Vancouver Personal Trainer
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Benjamin Jang

MFIT member since November 2012!

Why did you begin training at Momentum Fitness?
I began training at Momentum to lose weight before my wedding.

What were your original goals?
My original goals were to lose  pounds, to feel healthier, and be in overall better shape. I almost immediately felt healthier after I started training. Losing the twenty pounds took a bit longer but I eventually got there.

How has your Vancouver Personal trainer helped you to reach your goals?
Initially I put on more muscle mass than anticipated. My trainer was able to tailor a new workout so that I could focus on losing weight to reach my goals. We also focused on cardio exercises such as boxing which were more interactive.

Benjamin Vancouver Personal Training Member

What keeps you motivated?
My trainer keeps on changing my workout regimen causing me to focus on the exercises week to week versus falling into a boring repetitive routine.

What are your greatest achievements to date?
It would definitely be the weight loss. I fit into clothes now that I haven’t in years.

What are your plans for the future of your  fitness? What new goals do you have?
I’d like to eventually run a marathon and also work on my flexibility and core strength to add distance to my golf game.


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